Uninterrupted cold chain

Quality and safety

The proper handling of the cold chain is one of the main prerequisites for Finnfrost.  This applies to the whole supply chain. In achieving the set quality level Finnfrost uses guidelines as for example ISO-standards.  Finnfrost's management system is certified  with ISO9001 and ISO14001- standards.

All vehicles used for transportation by Finnfrost are FRC-classified and thus meets the regulations and legislations.  Finnfrost also monitors it's service suppliers by quality audits.

The quality and safety of the frozen goods and  ice creams is ensured by a well planned in-house control system. The in-house control system of Finnfrost is approved by officials. The system comprehends among other things safety of the products, temperature measurement of incomming goods and temperature controls of the facility. Everything is done in harmony with official requirements.