To become a supplier

Our suppliers must meet the following requirements: 

•Sign a contract regarding terms of purchase

•Product information in the Synkka-sheet or in the Synkka data system

•Price information in Finnfrost's price list template in accordance with the schedules of our selection periods

•Functioning traceability and control

•Continuous availability of the product

Suppliers outside Finland should also have an international product quality certification.


How to proceed?

If your company has a good prodct and would like to do business with us please contact the product group managers of Finnfrost. The product group manager will evaluate the possibilities for cooperation and discuss options with the customer.  If we are interested in your products, the actual cooperation will begin with drafting the terms of the purchase contract. Also details related to orders, deliveries, invoicing will be cleared.  Once the terms and conditions have been agreed on and Finnfrost has the required productinfomation the business is ready to start.